About Katy Campolongo

Soulistic Sojourn LLC 

For as long as I can remember

I have had a strong intuitive sense. My co workers and friends would always tell me that I was psychic. At a very young age I began communicating with angels and loved ones in Spirit. Thinking I was "different" I kept my communications a secret for all of my childhood. and into adulthood . On a mystical vacation to Ireland in  2007 the sense of spirit  around me  and a heightened  intuition continued to grow. The connection with Spirit could no longer be denied and I began to practice meditation consistently and my studying of Mediumship began in earnest. I began a 2 year mediumship program under the tutelage of Joanne  Franchina with "Your Inner Compass LLC and Rose Vanden Eynden of Light Journey Enterprises . I received my certification in January of  2015. My quest to connect with Spirit has been an incredible ongoing journey.  It is my  intention to help other like minded individuals on their soul's  sojourn too.